Create unique events that inspire a sense of wonder

El Lugar is the idyllic Costa Rican setting to make your vision a reality. The rainforest's vibrant energy makes our event spaces scenic and memorable, the perfect location to boost creativity in corporate retreats, host soul-enriching wellness workshops, or a storybook jungle wedding. Our venues include comfortable and modern meeting rooms with breakout areas that can adjust to accommodate the size of your group. Or a one-of-a-kind site that stands masterfully in the center of the property, purposefully built to accommodate large groups. With over 11,646 sqft. and a floor-to-ceiling window design that brings the outside in, allowing an abundance of natural light.

Every area and every detail of our layout merge seamlessly with what we consider our greatest asset at El Lugar; our beautiful untouched environment.

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Celebrate two paths, becoming one in a place as unique as your love story. Weddings hosted at El Lugar bring timeless beauty to your marriage ceremony. Feel the spirited atmosphere of Costa Rica´s enchanting rainforest as the abundant foliage sets the perfect stage for a beaming wedding experience.


From watching the first beautiful sunset together, horseback riding across rivers and fauna-filled trails to listening to bird hymns on early morning hikes. Exploring side by side the captivating essence of Costa Rica is the best start to your life together.


Embody your sacred connection with Mother Earth in an inspiring yoga session amid the breathtaking Costa Rican landscape of El Lugar. A powerful routine to open your heart to new experiences, restore your life balance, and nurture a special bond with nature's purest essence.


Corporate Meetings

¿Business and pleasure? El Lugar is the perfect place to enjoy both. Ranging from small seminars in a private room to presentations for up to 300 people our conference room is prepared for next event. Contact us for more information about event packages and catering services.