Feel the Serenity: Sustainable Eco-Sanctuaries 

Our story can best be told through our ¨Casitas¨, from their sustainable blueprint to their vintage charm. The design and concept of El Lugar go far beyond being mindful of our planet; it is about integration, synergy, and respect for the 1200 acres of nurturing land we call home.  

Each Casita is as unique as the horses they are named after. No two are exactly alike, with modern-day comforts seamlessly integrated with hand-selected antique pieces making them a timeless sanctuary.   

Perfect harmony with nature is felt in every detail of our designs. The cutting-edge technology and methods used to build without disrupting nature´s natural course is something we are proud of. 

The cornerstone of our vision is to share our love and honor for our precious earth in spaces that inspire you to do the same. We pay homage to the true nature of Costa Rica at El Lugar.

Our Casitas

Standard Double Room

More than just a bungalow, this is a nature-infused sanctuary of contemporary calm that connects you with the beauty of Costa Rica's wild landscapes both indoors and out. This dreamy, laid-back Standard Double Room features one king-size bed or two queen-size beds, a spacious bathroom with hand-painted artisanal tiles, a terrace with a wooden deck, and serene views of lush, tropical foliage. 

Superior Double Room

With an idyllic location that promotes privacy, the Superior Room was specifically designed to capture the spirit of Costa Rica’s biodiverse landscapes. The elegant design and rustic vibe create an inviting ambiance where you can relax in comfort. Featuring one king-size bed or two queen-size bed, spacious bathroom, and terrace with a wooden deck.


The beautiful setting that surrounds the Deluxe Room makes it an inviting place to relax in comfort. Built in harmony with nature, it brings the outdoors into your vacation sanctuary. Unique antique pieces such as the ornate armoire bring a rustic feel into your space.  Featuring one king-size bed or two queen-size bed, spacious bathroom with a full-size tub, and terrace with a wooden deck and plunge pool. 

Our Suites

Junior Suite

The Junior Suite is an exciting base from where you can explore the vibrant natural landscape and where you can coexist with nature in an extraordinary way. The minimalist design and quaint decor with handpicked antique pieces aim to provide an environment of rest and reconnection leaving you with that blissful vacation feeling. Featuring a king-size bed, spacious bathroom, and terrace with a wooden deck. 


Our Suite is perfect for a relaxing retreat amongst tropical foliage. Embrace indoor-outdoor living and make the most of your vacation while relaxing in comfort and taking in soul-stirring views of Costa Rica’s biodiverse landscapes. The Suite features one king-size bed and a spacious bathroom with a shower and full-size tub.