at El Lugar Resort

When planning what to do during your stay in Sarapiquí, Costa Rica, El Lugar Resort offers limitless possibilities. Nestled deep in the Costa Rican rainforest, we provide access to diverse array of experiences that highlight the culture, heritage, and breathtaking natural beauty of Costa Rica. Whether you’ve come to take part in exhilarating rainforest adventures or pamper yourself with indulgent spa treatments and a day by the pool, you will experience Costa Rica the way it was meant to be discovered.


Tito, Flor, and Coco saddle up, ready to take you on a journey of intimate connection with nature as the sun unwraps a new day. Our cherished horses are more than a mere activity on a list; our bustling horse ranch is the heart of El Lugar, with more than 50 of the finest Costa Rican-bred horses.


Well Being

Blend in a journal that never ends surrounded by the purest nature, connect with yourself and create a space of energy and healing that will help you in the process of becoming a better person.


El Lugar displays unrivaled beauty in generous spaces and untouched lands to explore. Whether you want to sit and read a book while enjoying the immense space in silence, ride majestic horses, or bird watch, we invite you to experience everything that El Lugar has to offer.


Feel the embrace of the rainforest's scenic splendor from the pristine water of our sleek infinity pool. Its contemporary design sets a sophisticated balance, a beautiful contrast against our vintage-inspired concept.

Authentic Costa Rica

Costa Rica stands out in the world for its privileged environment, home to 5% of the planet’s fauna species and numerous protected rainforests, national parks, and wildlife sanctuaries. And for being a country with deep respect for its land and faithful guardians of its flourishing ecosystems.

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