Our Horses

Tito, Flor, and Coco saddle up, ready to take you on a journey of intimate connection with nature as the sun unwraps a new day. Our cherished horses are more than a mere activity on a list; our bustling horse ranch is the heart of El Lugar, with more than 50 of the finest Costa Rican-bred horses.

Our early morning expeditions take you on a magical trek through our vast, sprawling land. Cross the hanging bridge over a flowing river, and the adventure begins with the enchanting sounds of howling monkeys and colorful birds crossing the sky. As you explore what is to remain an untouched section of El Lugar, you will learn of our unwavering commitment to this nurturing land through our reforestation program.

Feel free to follow the path at your speed; experienced horseback riders can choose a separate outing and gallop through the misty rainforest hills for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Our vision is to integrate horses' healing energy with nature's purest energy for unique, soul-enriching moments.