Our Commitment

El Lugar Resort Community Impact

When planning El Lugar Resort, we created a place that lives in absolute harmony with nature. Our primary goal was to protect and preserve the vital natural treasures of the Costa Rican rainforest.  

Below are seven ways El Lugar is committed to respecting the local community.  

Not a single tree was cut

At El Lugar, there are more than 600 trees across 73 different species, and none were cut to clear way for the resort. 

No hill will be leveled off

As part of our strong commitment to preserving the land as it is, our group of experts has designed El Lugar in a way that no hill will be leveled-off, keeping the magic and the charm of the scenery for future generations. 

The resort was built in accordance with nature

El Lugar was built in ways to take advantage of the area’s pleasant natural breezes. This will reduce the use of air conditioning systems and contribute to energy efficiency.

No sealing of surfaces

All buildings on El Lugar are built on pylons using the latest technologies to build without sealing the land with concrete. This will allow the rainwater to run freely on the land keeping the natural drainage that for centuries has been feeding the lakes and river.  

Use of ADC energy

The greatest benefit of this is a high level of energy conservation, allowing efficient use of nearly all of the electricity produced. 

Use of space

With the understanding that space is rare and valuable for mankind live in communion with Earth, we ensured that there was plenty of open space between the buildings and throughout the resort.